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What Our Employees Say

At Level 3 you grow, create and achieve. It’s not just a job. It’s a valuable life experience.
Watch this video and see why.

Top reasons to work at Level 3:

  • Our colleagues share a vision for providing ingenious and secure solutions to enable our customers’ success reliably, every day.
  • We pride ourselves on upholding high ethical standards at all levels of the organization.
  • Our global locations attract employees from diverse cultures, and give employees the opportunity to work and live in many places around the world.
  • Personal and professional integrity and respect for individuals’ differences are key to our inclusive and positive working environment.
  • We encourage our hard working employees to take time away from work, supporting a balanced lifestyle.
  • We promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle through our comprehensive choice of benefits (health/wellness/financial), employee perks and paid time off programs. 
  • Our team is collaborative and values open communication and a supportive work environment.

Natalia V. Tobarez
Natalia V. Tobarez
Program Manager – Regional Finance PMO
Latin America and Caribbean

“Level 3 is unique in its dedication and passion for its employees.”

At Level 3, employees are provided with opportunities to develop their skills and advance in his or her career. They are also encouraged to develop full lives outside of the work place. As a program manager for the LatAm Finance PMO, I work on multiple programs and projects with teams from different regions. This provides me with opportunities to interact with other cultures and analyze issues from different perspectives. Level 3 also offers me the flexibility and tools to work out of office when necessary, which helps me keep pace with my Level 3 goals and my personal priorities outside of work. As a mother, it’s very important to me that my company and superiors respect my time with my family. Level 3 always does this. 

John Malamoutsis
John Malamoutsis
Product Manager
London, England

“Level 3 invests just as much in its network as it does with its people. It’s not a coincidence that most Level 3 employees tend to stay for the long run.”

If you can get through the interview process it means that you are a person of exceptional caliber, and you can expect that your colleagues will be of the same stock; intelligent, highly motivated and competitive, but also broad-minded and friendly. At the foundation of these people is a strong group of leaders who value and recognize great work, and who provide opportunities for employees to flourish and develop a multitude of skills.

Tara Risser 
Tara Risser
Sr. Director, Sales Effectiveness
Broomfield, Colorado

“Choosing a career at Level 3 is the opportunity to stretch your professional capabilities – and personal goals.”

If you want to learn and grow and be challenged, all while being surrounded by outstanding peers and leaders, this is a terrific place to work! Level 3 has given me the opportunity to work in many areas of the business, which not only keeps my career interesting, but allows me to take risks and expand my horizons. There is no sitting back and waiting at Level 3. Every employee is empowered to solve problems and enact change.

Tim Finneran
Tim Finneran
Senior Commercial Services Manager
Tampa, Florida

“The tremendous global reach of the Level 3 network and the core strengths and values of our employee base provide me with an invigorating sense of pride on a daily basis.”

Working at Level 3 provides me the opportunity to constantly develop, learn and stretch personally and professionally. As a company, we listen to our customers and consistently exceed their telecom needs with honesty and integrity, all the while working on a never-ending quest for greatness. Most importantly, Level 3 is clear about their goals, and without faltering, is one of the leaders in the telecom community by promoting positive changes within our industry.

Howard Payne
Howard Payne
Principle Operations Engineer
Broomfield, Colorado

“The best thing about Level 3 is that you are encouraged to dream big and not settle for the status quo.”

Level 3 consistently recognizes new trends in the industry and business and is at the forefront of capitalizing on innovation. Whether it's utilizing the latest in video or web-hosting tools for employees, or encouraging people to think outside the box, Level 3 has provided me with multiple avenues for growth into an emerging leader destined for greatness.

Natasha Wright
Natasha Wright
Senior Field Marketing Manager
Broomfield, Colorado

“Level 3 provides an opportunity to work with colleagues across the globe – it’s great to interact with different people and cultures on a daily basis.”

Global reach allows Level 3 to access best practices from a multitude of different people and experiences. Within that is an environment of engagement – employees actively share their expertise and are quick to help a colleague work through a complex issue. This extends to our EMEA and corporate leadership, both of whom repeatedly inspire and motivate me to perform optimally.

Marcelo Melamed
Marcelo Melamed
Human Resources Latam
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I am proud to be part of a team responsible for building a multicultural and diverse global company.”

Working at Level 3 is an opportunity to learn every day. Our professional teams do their best to achieve common goals with a unique blend of commitment and strategic thinking. We combine experience with youth to set a clear vision about the future – and we mix between cultures to create a unique atmosphere of achievement and an open environment for questions, discussion and growth. The friendly relationships between the different structure layers and clear communications generate an excellent environment for innovation. Click here for a Spanish-language version of our employee video.

Williams Singleton
William Singleton
Director, Product Management
London, England

“Excellence at Level 3 is getting things moving and getting things done.”

Level 3 works to consistently improve our products, as well as give innovative business solutions for our customers. We have results-oriented people who have a passion for solving problems and strive for excellence, a leadership team that is focused on transparency and collaborative success, and an overall culture that enables employee empowerment and rewards loyalty. This translates into a customer-centric company who is responsive and effective in the marketplace.