Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are fortunate to live and work in communities around the world that support Level 3. We realize being an engaged, supportive corporate citizen is vitally important. Our corporate social responsibility program, Level 3 Cares, focuses on areas where we can really make a difference — in education, the natural environment and serving the underprivileged. Level 3 is a member of B:CIVIC.


  • Volunteers

    Level 3 Volunteers

    We encourage everyone at Level 3 to make a positive difference in their communities. Level 3 Volunteers offers paid volunteer time to dedicate to whatever causes are important to our employees. Volunteering is part of who we are; it benefits our communities, inspires us and brings our business closer to the people we serve.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Level 3 Environmental Sustainability

    Level 3 Environmental Sustainability represents our commitment to protect and improve the environment. The program also encompasses working to improve the environmental impact of our business operations in each of our local communities.

  • Level 3 Gives

    Level 3 Gives

    Level 3 Gives provides funding to assist local community programs. We believe our time, energy and expertise are valuable to our communities, but we understand non-profits also need funds to support the good work they do. Grant requests must be requested by a Level 3 employee personally involved with the organization that is the potential recipient of the grant.

  • Disaster Relief

    Disaster Relief

    When a natural disaster strikes close to home, Level 3 helps provide much needed support and assistance. Level 3 matches voluntary employee donations to the Red Cross up to $25,000 annually. Beyond monetary donations, our employees volunteer their time in community cleanup efforts after a natural disaster occurs.