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Legacy TW Telecom Port-Out Guidelines


Legacy tw telecom (fTW) ports telephone numbers in accordance with applicable Regulatory Rules and Industry Guidelines. Legacy tw telecom will honor a Port-Out Request from any authorized carrier (including cellular carriers) where the carrier indicates that they are in possession of a letter of authorization (LOA) from the end user customer.


To Port Out numbers from fTW (SPIDS 7178, 7280 and 8994), use the Synchronoss Virtual Front Office (VFO) GUI found at the following link

To obtain an Admin Login for VFO please contact

Click here for instructions on logging into and using VFO.


To request a CSR from fTW please send an email to that includes the following:

  • Customer Name
  • Service Address
  • Phone Number (BTN)


  • An FOC or Error Status will be returned back to the NSP within 24 hours of receipt of the LSR.
  • Upon receipt of a clean LSR, fTW requires a minimum of 4 business days to process an order.
  • A due date supplement will be required if numbers are not ported on FOC date. If a supplement is not received 24 hours before FOC date, the order will be cancelled the following business day.


Projects are defined as an LSR that is submitted with a request to port 100 numbers or more. The requested due date must be a minimum of 5 business days. You include “Project/End User Name” in the remarks section of the LSR Page and populate all required fields (highlighted in yellow) within VFO. Once approved and free of rejects or clarifications, fTW will respond with a FOC and your due date for the project. LSRs submitted as a project are subject to normal LSR validation.


  1. Legacy tw telecom will consider an expedited port out interval on an individual case basis with particular focus on preventing emergency services (911, Police, Fire, Ambulance or Medical Facilities) from being out of service. However, this does not guarantee that a shortened interval can be met.
  2. LOA - The LOA is not a required attachment to an LSR before fTW will accept it. It is only necessary to have the “AGAUTH” box populated with the LOA name.
  3. Changes or cancellations: The NSP must submit a Supplement LSR to fTW, a minimum of twenty-four hours prior to the start of the scheduled cut over. Large changes or additions to the LSR may affect the original due date.
  4. Rejects or clarifications to the LSR - fTW will reject the LSR when the LSR does not provide sufficient information to process our disconnect service order. Legacy tw telecom will reject the LSR back for the following reasons:
    • If the end user name does not match our customer of record.
    • If the service address on the LSR does not match the service address of record.
    • If porting out all numbers that are part of a contractually bundled service. (Customer must contact fTW account team to determine remaining products and pricing.)
    • If all 14 required fields are not complete for Simple Ports.
  5. A Firm Order Commitment (FOC) will be issued when all open clarifications or rejects have been resolved.
  6. NPAC Activation of TNs - The gaining carrier must build an NPAC subscription for the TNs porting a minimum of 18 business hours prior to the due date, to ensure concurrence on the FOC date.


Level 1: Escalation Mailbox
*Response SLA is four hours or less

Level 2: Lead Denice Greenwalt

Level 3: Manager Cliff Dailey
Cell: 720.888.3557

Level 4: Director Denise Rios
Cell: 720.888.7106