Level 3 Healthcare Network Solutions

Healthcare Is Changing. Is Your Network Ready?

Your goal is to streamline the flow of information and optimize the efficiency of your caregiver operations. You want to provide seamless, secure, high-availability connections.

Level 3 Healthcare Solutions can enable enhanced information-sharing, collaboration and application performance. Level 3 already does that for the more than 4,000 healthcare locations we serve today.

In the healthcare industry, change is the new norm. Team with a communication leader who makes security and flexibility the new standard.

Why Level 3 Healthcare                       Network  Solutions

We know what it takes to support mission-critical healthcare information and caregiver operations. Our network is secure, diverse and designed to deliver even the most sensitive data. And its scalability allows us to pass cost efficiencies on to you, which means you can take advantage of the latest technologies.

Most importantly, it’s all delivered by a local support team. From design and implementation to management and strategic planning, your Level 3 Healthcare Solutions team is always on call.

Efficient Cloud Connectivity Ensures Optimal Computing

For several years now, retail, media/entertainment, financial services, and other consumer businesses have been delivering valuable services using the cloud.

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Level 3 Healthcare Network Solutions Benefits

  • Ensure Uptime. Level 3 customizes routes at the network level. With full transparency of design, you can rest assured your high-availability requirements are met.
  • Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. Gain the ability to share patient data, quickly and securely. Leverage high-performance website solutions to promote your services.
  • Free up your IT staff. Streamline communications and invest in platforms that can be centrally managed so your IT team can focus on evolving Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) requirements.

Level 3 Healthcare Network Solutions Options

  • Level 3 Smart WAN: Improve performance, eliminate network bottlenecks, give your employees and customers secure, anywhere access.
  • Level 3 Data Center Networking. Get the connectivity you need to support bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive applications.
  • Level 3 Unified communications. Help your dispersed team collaborate via voice, video, chat and more.
  • Level 3 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Keep your business-critical systems up and running, no matter what.