Gaming Network Solutions

Network Solutions for Gaming

Keep the Game Going and Your Business Growing

Virtual worlds move fast. Subtle changes in speed or quality can make or break any die-hard’s gaming experience. You need a solid content delivery platform that can easily handle traffic spikes, large files and diverse geographies.

No Lag. No Jitter. Better Adoption.

Let Level 3’s reliable IP, Content Delivery Network (CDN), DDoS Mitigation and Advanced Threat Intelligence services help give gamers what they want. Improve download times, decrease lag, packet-loss and jitter with improved throughput and routing. Level up your end users’ satisfaction and increase game adoption.

Why Level 3 Gaming Network Solutions

Go Global with Speed and Ease
Level 3 CDN and advanced IP backbone services can easily scale and maximize delivery speed around the world. Hard-to-reach locations are available, including APAC, Australia, South America and Russia. 

Spikes caused by large game downloads, patches and other updates are minimized thanks to our optimized network. And intelligently manage traffic between content delivery networks, cloud service providers and data centers.

Secure Your Internet Services
Access our full suite of Level 3 Managed Security Services for enhanced protection and network performance, with around the clock security vigilance provided by Level 3’s Security Operations Center.

Content Delivery Network Overview
CDN Overview

Level 3 Content Delivery Services Can Help You: 

  • Increase successful client downloads and installs
  • Improve uptime and application availability
  • Boost end-user satisfaction and adoption
  • Access real-time reporting for critical insights into game delivery and performance

Level 3 Internet Services Deliver:

  • Reliable, global backbone connecting six continents and more than 60 countries
  • Scalable, enterprise-grade, high speed Dedicated Internet Access
  • Expansive peering arrangements serving over 500 global markets
  • Fewer network hops for a high-quality connection with speed and resiliency
  • Full suite of Level 3 Managed Security Services for network protection