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Level 3 Retail Network Solutions

Omnichannel Retail: It’s All About Your Customers – and Your Network

You’re focused on enhancing the customer experience, and so are we. Level 3 offers a consultative approach to solving your most critical IT challenges with a dedicated and responsive team focused on your organization’s unique needs.

Whether you are a regional, national or global retailer, Level 3 connects business locations, data centers and cloud service providers through a global network of more than 200,000 route miles of fiber connecting 60+ countries.

Our global infrastructure enables secure, scalable and cloud-connected network capabilities to address the increasingly complex environment of today’s omnichannel retail landscape.

Let us show you how we leverage deep retail industry experience and powerful capabilities to help solve your top IT challenges.

Why Level 3 For Retail Network Solutions

Retail Network Solutions Revamped

Yesterday’s disparate systems and networking solutions can hold you back. To effectively execute an omnichannel strategy, you need to transform legacy network designs, optimize performance and reduce complexity.

The Case for the Cloud

Make the move to hybrid cloud architectures, which can improve agility and offer cost savings. Level 3 can help you privately and securely connect to leading cloud and data center providers. Experience dependable performance, low latency and reliable throughput.

Serious Network Security

Cyber threats and malware. DDoS attacks, botnets and ransomware. The list goes on and on. As a global network services provider, Level 3 has broad visibility into internet traffic, cyber risks and malicious activity globally. You can combine advanced, multi-layered defenses through cloud- and network-based security to help eliminate vulnerable point solutions and single points of failure.

Enterprise Network Security
Adaptive Network Security Video

Level 3 Retail Network Solutions Benefits

  • Enable Omnichannel Performance: Overhaul legacy IT environments to build a secure, scalable and cloud-connected network architecture.
  • Protect Sensitive Information and Maintain Brand Trust: Secure network architectures with layers of advanced defenses. Better prevent and detect cyber threats.
  • Optimize Hybrid IT Environments: Connect privately, securely and efficiently to leading cloud and data center providers.

Level 3 Retail Network Solutions Options

  • Level 3 Adaptive Network Control: Increase bandwidth up to 300% with on-demand SDN enabled capabilities. Get the network elasticity you need during the holiday season and promotional periods.
  • Level 3 Adaptive Network Security: Extend your security perimeter with cloud-based firewalls that offer advanced security and malware detection capabilities for brick- and- mortar or mobile-device-connected end users.
  • Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence: Leverage actionable threat intelligence that tracks two-way communications to identify suspicious and malicious network activity.
  • Level 3 DDoS Mitigation: Increase DDoS defenses to help ensure application availability, website uptime and infrastructure accessibility.
  • Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions: Quickly and securely move large volumes of data, run analytics, transfer workloads and deliver mission-critical apps to and from the cloud with enhanced performance and without interruption.
  • Level 3 Contact Center Services: Support omnichannel integration via contact centers that enhance the customer experience, help combat fraud and reduce complexity.
  • Level 3® Hybrid WAN Solutions: Increase bandwidth and throughput to minimize downtime. Support increasing digital and SaaS application demands in-store.
  • Level 3SM Managed Wi-Fi Services: Acquire affordable internet bandwidth for employee and guest Wi-Fi. Empower front line associates and promote customer engagement.