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Level 3 Global Carriers Solutions

There Are No Borders in Business

You’re an international carrier and demand is skyrocketing. Your retail customers are consuming data at unprecedented rates. Your enterprise customers are expanding across the globe in search of new markets.

Level 3’s broad services portfolio and global network footprint allow you to increase your offerings to include voice, data, IP and managed services — quickly and cost effectively.


You’re looking to expand your customer base and grow your business. Our reliable, secure network offers the scalability and flexibility you need to deliver stronger connections around the globe.

Breaking down the barriers to business growth.

We understand your business. Our award-winning customer support team has a long track record of successfully serving international carriers and delivering a consistent, dependable experience. We can help you enable top-line revenue growth and increased customer loyalty, with minimal upfront capital investment.

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Global Carriers Solution Benefits

  • Keep your customers happy. Benefit from fast, reliable network performance. We deliver the scalability and flexibility you need to build stronger connections around the globe.
  • Manage costs. Take advantage of our network efficiencies, value and market-based wholesale pricing.
  • Simplify operations. The Level 3 wholesale operating environment and solutions make it easy to do business, even in the highly transactional world of enterprise and residential service.

Global Carriers Solution Options

  • Transoceanic Solutions: Deliver outstanding reliability with access to our robust, diverse transoceanic network.
  • Metro and LH Transport Services: Supply your customers with cost-effective access solutions and reliable long-haul capacity.
  • Ethernet and VPN Services: Support customers who are moving away from traditional TDM services and towards Ethernet and Virtual Private Network services.
  • High-Speed IP: Provide access to live and on-demand content, online gaming, next-generation voice services and more on our global IP network.