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Level 3 U.S. Carriers

Connections Are Everything

You and your customers need connections to succeed. Connections to data centers, corporate locations, Internet content and cloud services.

You need flexible solutions to support your enterprise customers wherever they do business, not just where you happen to have a network.

That’s where we come in. Level 3 gives you the network footprint you require to provide your customers with high-bandwidth services — domestically and globally.


To grow your business, you need to expand your network capabilities. You need to meet the ever-growing demands of your customers with powerful new services. And you need to accomplish this all in a smart, scalable, affordable way.

Level 3 combines a comprehensive service portfolio, a network that provides local connectivity with global reach, award-winning sales and customer support that understands the specific challenges you face every day.

Get the connections you need. Team with Level 3.

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Connecting and Protecting

U.S. Carriers Solution Benefits

  • Reduce your expenses. Benefit from our simplified operating environment, network efficiencies and market-based wholesale pricing — all through a single provider.
  • Deliver exceptional communication solutions. Our fast, reliable network provides the scalability and flexibility you need to build stronger connections around the globe.
  • Stay ahead of the competition. Our solutions make it easy to do business, even in the highly transactional world of enterprise and residential services.

U.S. Carriers Solution Options

  • Metro and LH Transport Services: Supply your customers with cost-effective access solutions and reliable long-haul capacity.
  • Ethernet and VPN Services: Support customers who are moving away from traditional TDM services and towards Ethernet and Virtual Private Network services.
  • High-Speed IP: Provide access to live and on-demand content, online gaming, next-generation voice services and more.