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    Public Sector Overview

    More than 300 government entities rely on Level 3. Learn why.

When Your missions are Critical, Your        Network is Crucial

Declining network infrastructure. Stale software and frustrated end users. Sound familiar? As a federal leader, it may be time to rethink your network strategy – and think ahead.

IT and Digital Transformation

Network Design for a Highly Digital World

Level 3’s approach to network design is both comprehensive and agile. We transform your platform – not just patch it up. Our Professional Services team guides you through design, engineering, deployment and management phases. Readily support innovative technologies and digital efficiencies with local-to-global connectivity, diverse entrances and minimal network spurs. Proactively secure classified data with tiered protection schemes. And our fully staffed, redundant Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and G-NOC stand ready 24/7.


Federal Information Technology: Break the Status Quo

Communications Solutions

Do More With Less

Take charge with reliable Level 3 Communications Solutions. Our voice, video, data, managed and professional services can help make sure you deliver. Each offer the scale to evolve and the flexibility to adapt to your agency’s specific requirements.

Public Sector Network Services

Level Network Services Overview
Level 3 Network Services Overview

Government Network Contracts


Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Our Adaptive Threat Intelligence service leverages Level 3’s team of experts, Threat Research Labs, and global network reach to monitor and analyze traffic to provide interactive and actionable threat data.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS attacks can prevent access to public-facing websites, applications, and other assets. Learn how Level 3 can help keep your agency up and running.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation Service Proxy

Need to deploy a DDoS mitigation solution quickly? Learn how our reverse proxy service can help protect your web assets without  additional hardware or software.

DDoS Mitigation Service Proxy

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