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Level 3 Employee Resource Groups

Employee-initiated resource groups (ERGs) lead the way for organic expansion of employee culture and contribute to workplace diversity. Employees at Level 3 are encouraged to take part in the following ERGs or develop new groups to address their special interests. 

Level 3 Millennial Minds
Offers guidance to new generations in our workforce through events and support programs. Promotes cross-generational collaboration.

Level 3 Veterans
Supports the professional and personal needs of employee veterans while giving back to the larger military community.

Level 3 Women
Highlights and develops female talent in the workplace through a multi-national, cross-functional network.

Level 3 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender
Helps create a culture and workplace that are inclusive, adaptable and creative.

Level 3 Latinos
The Latino ERG is dedicated to providing a community for members to share, learn, develop, and advance.

Level 3 Friends
Supports the success of employees living with disabilities and caregivers of individuals experiencing illness and chronic pain.

Level 3 Predictive Analytics and Decision Science
Collaborates on common challenges to foster a global analytical community while creating data utilization awareness for product
innovation and leadership.

Level 3 Global Community
Enhances the Level 3 work experience through cross-regional social activities and events.

Level 3 People Managers
The People Manager ERG is for leaders of people and aspiring leaders of people who see the value in tapping into their peers’ skills and knowledge.

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