Broadwing Tariffs

This page includes Broadwing Communications, LLC. information regarding tariffs, terms and conditions.

FCC FCC Domestic Rates, Terms and Conditions
FCC International Rates, Terms and Conditions
F.C.C. Access Tariff No. 1
AL Alabama Tariff
AK Alaska Public Notice
Alaska IXC Tariff
AZ Arizona IXC Tariff
AR Arkansas IXC Tariff
CA California IXC Tariff No. 1
California Switched Access Tariff No. T-2 
California Local End User Tariff No. T-1
CO Colorado Tariff
FL Florida Retail Tariff
Florida Wholesale Tariff
Florida Access Tariff
Florida End User Tariff
HI Hawaii IXC Tariff
ID Idaho Tariff
IL Illinois IXC Tariff
Illinios Switched Access Tariff
Illinios End User Tariff
Illinois Universal Telephone Assistance Program
KS Kansas IXC Tariff
KY Kentucky Tariff
Kentucky IXC Tariff
LA Louisiana IXC Tariff
ME Maine Tariff
900-976 Call Blocking
MD Maryland Local Exchange Tariff
Maryland No.4 Intrastate Access Tariff
Maryland Local Exchange Price List
MA Massachusetts IXC Tariffs
Massachusetts End User Tariff
Massachusetts Switched Access Tariff
MI Michigan Tariff
Michigan IXC Unregulated Tariff
Michigan Tariff Regulated
Michigan Tariff Unregulated
MN Minnesota Tariff
Minnesota Access Tariff
MS Mississippi IXC Tariff
MO Missouri IXC Tariff
NE Nebraska Tariff
NH New Hampshire Rate Schedule
NJ New Jersey Tariff
New Jersey Tariff No. 3
New Jersey Access Tariff
NM New Mexico Tariff
NY New York IXC Tariff
New York Access Tariff No. 4 Price List
New York Access Tariff No. 4
New York BRW End User Tariff No. 5
NV Nevada Tariff
OH Ohio Switched Access Tariff
OK Oklahoma Tariff
PA Pennsylvania IXC Reseller Tariff No. 3
Pennsylvania Competitive Local Exchange Carrier Service Tariff
Pennsylvania Long Distance End User Tariff
Pennsylvania Schedule of charges for Resold Telcom Services
Supplement No. 9 to Pennsylvania Switched Access Tariff No. 5
  Supplement No. 10 to Pennsylvania Switched Access Tariff No. 5
RI Rhode Island Tariff
SD South Dakota Tariff
TX TX BRW IXC Tariff No. 1
TX BRW Switched Access Tariff No. 2
TX BRW Local End User Tariff No. 3
VA Virginia Tariff
Virginia Access Tariff
Virginia End User Tariff
Virginia IXC Tariff
WA Washington Local Tariff
Washington Switched Access
DC Washington D.C. End User Tariff
WY Wyoming Tariff

Broadwing Communications, LLC. has certified to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission that the tariffs available at the above link are an accurate electronic representation of the tariffs that are officially filed with and maintained by the Commission. Users of electronic tariffs should note, however, that such tariffs are not the official documents, and users assume responsibility for reliance upon tariffs in electronic format.