Telcove tariffs, terms and conditions

This page includes Telcove information regarding tariffs, terms and conditions.

FCC FCC Dedicated
FCC International
FCC Switched Access
FCC Domestic Long Distance
AL Alabama Local Tariff
Alabama COCOT Tariff
Alabama Dedicated Tariff
Alabama Long Distance Tariff
Alabama Switched Access Tariff
AR Arkansas End User Tariff
Arkansas Dedicated Tariff
Arkansas Switched Access Tariff
DC District of Columbia End User Tariff
District of Columbia Dedicated Tariff
District of Columbia Switched Access Tariff
DE Delaware End User Tariff
Delaware Dedicated Tariff
Delaware Switched Access Tariff
FL Florida Price List Tariff
Florida Regulations Tariff
GA Georgia Toll Tariff
Georgia Local Tariff
Georgia Dedicated Tariff
Georgia Switched Access Tariff
KS Kansas Toll Tariff
Kansas Local Tariff
Kansas Dedicated Tariff
Kansas Switched Access Tariff
KY Kentucky End User Tariff
Kentucky Dedicated Tariff
Kentucky Switched Access Tariff
LA Louisiana End User Tariff
Louisiana Dedicated Tariff
Louisiana Switched Access Tariff
MD Maryland End User Tariff
Maryland Dedicated Price List
Maryland Switched Access Tariff
Maryland Local Price List
MI Michigan Local Tariff
Michigan Dedicated Tariff
Michigan Switched Access Tariff
MS Mississippi End User Tariff
Mississippi Dedicated Tariff
Mississippi Switched Access Tariff
MO Missouri Toll Tariff
Missouri Local Tariff
Missouri Dedicated Tariff
Missouri Switched Access Tariff
NH New Hampshire Appendix A Tariff
New Hampshire Local and Dedicated Tariffs
New Hampshire Intrastate Toll Communication Services
NJ New Jersey End User Tariff
New Jersey Dedicated Tariff
New Jersey Switched Access Tariff
NY New York End User Tariff
New York Dedicated Tariff
New York Switched Access Tariff
OH Ohio End User Tariff
Ohio Dedicated Tariff
Ohio Switched Access Tariff
OK Oklahoma End User Tariff
Oklahoma Dedicated Tariff
Oklahoma Switched Access Tariff

TelCove of Pennsylvania, LLC
Pennsylvania IXC
Pennsylvania Local
Pennsylvania Dedicated
Pennsylvania IXC Reseller
Pennsylvania Switched Access Supplement No. 22

TelCove Operations, LLC
Pennsylvania IXC
Pennsylvania Local
Pennsylvania Dedicated
Pennsylvania IXC Reseller
Pennsylvania Switched Access Supplement No. 19


SC South Carolina Toll Tariff
South Carolina Local Tariff
South Carolina Dedicated Tariff
South Carolina Switched Access Tariff
TN Tennessee End User Tariff
Tennessee Dedicated Tariff
Tennessee Switched Access Tariff
TX Texas End User Tariff
Texas Dedicated Tariff
Texas Switched Access Tariff
VA Virginia IXC Tariff
Virginia End User Tariff
Virginia Dedicated Tariff
Virginia Switched Access Tariff
WV West Virginia End User Tariff
West Virginia Dedicated Tariff
West Virginia Switched Access Tariff