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Enterprise IT organizations are increasingly focused on maintaining application performance, service integrity and data security. At the same time, business dynamics require a highly scalable and adaptable IT platform that can reduce operating costs and complexity. The only efficient way to do this is to utilize a service provider you can trust. One that can deliver the infrastructure, scale, network, security and performance you need.

Level 3 has a global IP transit network that quickly delivers websites, applications and enterprise data with minimal latency. And some of the largest cloud services providers trust Level 3 thanks to more than 350 data centers, which provide multiple layers of integrated security (site, network, application, and data). Our Cloud and IT services can help you maintain a safe environment that allows your enterprise customers to run operations and applications effectively and efficiently.

Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Level 3 data center services offer various power, space and network connectivity options.

Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions


Whether private, public or hybrid cloud environments, Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions provide a private network ecosystem to connect enterprises to leading cloud and data center providers. Get the superior application performance, global network security and ultimate flexibility you need to get business done – whether it’s around the corner or across the globe.

Cloud Content Exchange

With Level 3 Cloud Content Exchange, you can transfer large, business-critical files quickly and securely. Organize and share files with work groups using metadata in our Cloud Content Exchange portal. Control access with an easy interface. Publish and transport files worldwide over the Level 3 global network. In a hyper-connected world, adopting cloud-based technologies for digitized workflows can provide a high-availability, high-quality transfer solution at a lower cost than physical distribution.