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DDoS Mitigation

In a compute-intensive, always-connected world, an infected PC, a downed server or any type of disruption to your network can damage your operational health. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are some of the most menacing threats to companies in the digital age. A successful assault can result in significant outages across your network, thereby hurting your competitive edge and damaging the confidence you’ve earned with partners and consumers.

Only a network-based DDoS protection solution can provide realistic protection to enterprise resources and capabilities. The Level 3SM DDoS Mitigation service employs a unique combination of software, commercial hardware, and managed solutions to help you respond to a DDoS attack in real-time and keep legitimate traffic flowing to your network.

A relationship with Level 3 means gaining control over your network, websites and applications before threats take control and you lose valuable time, data and revenue. Thanks to our 24 x 7 Security Operations Center, we are able to detect and address suspicious botnet activity in network traffic before you or other security providers even see them.

DDoS Mitigation Service Benefits

  • Reduced business disruptions based on how we detect and minimize attacks against your network, protecting your reputation and brand value
  • Optimized IT spending, since you don’t need to invest in in-house expertise to mitigate the latest in attacks
  • Peace of mind that comes from our service guarantee of 100 percent Mitigation Platform Uptime
  • Single point of contact for the handling and resolution of trouble by highly experienced security analysts
  • Around-the-clock monitoring to proactively eliminate DDoS attacks
  • Integrated Solutions that combine our Security portfolio and our team of committed and seasoned professionals with our network services for world-class protection

DDoS Mitigation Service Details

  • Real-time DDoS protection based on a unique combination of software, commercial hardware and managed solutions
  • Protection from any known attack, including out-of-state and resource attacks, GET Floods, and anything non-TCP based
  • Generic Route Encapsulation (GRE) protocol to keep your operation running smoothly with “clean traffic” running through your network based on creating virtual private network (VPN) tunnels between the mitigation infrastructure and your network
  • Service Guarantee of 100 percent Mitigation Platform Uptime

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