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Security Consulting Services

Today’s security concerns are simply too complex and too dynamic to manage without constant monitoring and a team of security specialists at your disposal. Just think about all of the recent development in IT that security experts need to contend with things like secure network access, the widespread adoption of social networking, the migration to cloud services and growing pci compliance demands, just to name a few.

Before you decide that your firewall and virus protection are enough, let us conduct a security audit and provide a report assessing your current level of security. The Level 3SM Security Consulting Services bring you the expertise, vision and services to create a security strategy that fits all your needs. We develop a step-by-step plan that details both your priorities and the ROI you can expect to achieve. Our unique ability to build the right security policy for your business is based on our experience managing varied networks, penetration testing and IT environments, our global customer view and our industry best practices. Put it all together and you have a network with a solid security policy that enables your business to operate safely, efficiently and economically.

Security Consulting Services Benefits

  • An unbiased, third-party vulnerability assessment of the status of your current security environment
  • A clear roadmap to a more secure network that identifies all current gaps through penetration testing and other methodologies
  • A compliance assessment that includes a unified action plan across various frameworks (e.g. PCI compliance)
  • Rapid response and recovery in the event of a major security incident, so your personnel can continue to focus on their core responsibilities
  • Integrated Solutions that combine our Security portfolio and our team of committed and seasoned professionals with our network services for world-class protection

Security Consulting Services Details

  • Definition of your security posture and alignment of business objectives with security needs
  • Mapping of security to critical applications, as well as your corporate culture, people, process and technology
  • A security strategy that provides you with a recommended plan, a set of priorities and expected ROI
  • Measureable results and value creation
  • A trusted security advisor that’s with you every step of the way

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