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Level 3 maintains a global CDN network across North America, Europe and Asia, including Mainland China, with recent expansion in Latin America, Canada and the Middle East.



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Content Delivery Network

You work hard to produce high-quality, compelling content that engages your audiences. But without high-quality, global delivery, your viewers will abandon your site for a competitor’s and your bottom line will suffer.

Level 3’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN) supports some of the world's largest video, software and web properties. The Level 3® Network is connected with direct, private connections to almost every major ISP and Telco, which allows traffic to flow directly to end users without traversing public peering points. 

We have grown to more than 26.8 Tbps of capacity and transmit more than 10 million minutes of live broadcast video annually. More than 1 billion video files are stored on the Level 3® Network and every month more than 47PB of video is streamed by Level 3 to end users globally. We can support large and challenging online events. Our CDN’s performance, reliability and consistency are critical to our customers. Level 3 has combined an innovative CDN technology that has been continuously developed for 17 years, with a global IP and fiber network to deliver unparalleled performance for our customers. We’re your ideal partner to support large scale, high quality, and global delivery of content across the Internet. Think of Level 3 as your gateway to The Visual Network.

Edge Distribution

Level 3 Edge Distribution platform provides the intelligence to detect devices and supports the complex business rules that your workflow requires.

    Website Acceleration

    Level 3 Website Acceleration services seamlessly transform website speed and performance for loading webpages on desktops, mobiles and other devices.