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Level 3 maintains a global CDN network across North America, Europe and Asia, including Mainland China, with recent expansion in Latin America, Canada and the Middle East.


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Website Acceleration

Website consumers are impatient. Whether you are delivering content to a desktop, tablet or any mobile device, your website speed performance is critical. Every millisecond can count in terms of engaging, satisfying and retaining your online customers. But delivering a rich user experience, maintaining innovation and optimizing your website and mobile site performance, while coping with fluctuating demand, can be daunting – and costly.

Level 3SM Website Acceleration services seamlessly transform website performance. This can enable you to instantaneously render webpages and applications on desktops, mobiles and other devices. Up to 70 percent faster than traditional content delivery networks, our next generation site acceleration technology provides you with a cost effective alternative to address challenges around performance, availability, scalability and site security.

Website Acceleration Service Benefits

  • Amplify performance and ensure better availability of your website and applications during flash crowds and traffic spikes to help increase online sales and revenue recognition.
  • Render web pages instantaneously to help improve conversion rates and reduce website abandonment.
  • Accelerate mobile websites and supplement your multi-channel strategy by optimizing performance across multiple device types.
  • Deliver content securely in accordance to PCI DSS norms and mitigate risks posed by sophisticated denial of service attacks.

Website Acceleration Service Family 

   Level 3® Origin Storage  Level 3® Enhanced Support
    Media PortalSMLevel 3  Level 3® Site Transformer

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