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Application Performance Management

Today’s WANs need to perform at the highest levels. Applications and services must meet the needs of users. Monitoring network performance, responding to issues, and adapting to change are essential to ensuring enterprise efficiency and long term growth. Your business teams rely on you to maintain uptime, response time and quality of service for voice services, applications and connectivity.

The Level 3® Application Performance Management (APM) solution provides the tools network managers need to optimize network and application efficiency. Designed specifically for the Level 3® MPLS/IP VPN service, APM increases network visibility and application performance data to speed troubleshooting and resolution. It enables you to perform in-depth reporting and analysis, which helps you develop fact-based budgets and make faster, informed decisions about bandwidth utilization and application efficiency. Control and manage network growth with automatic detection of new users, applications and servers.

Application Performance Management Service Benefits

  • Improve the user experience of business applications and voice services by optimizing network performance
  • Gain end-to-end, granular visibility of your network and applications for more efficient bandwidth utilization and better troubleshooting
  • Advance the operational efficiency of enterprise IT resources to address increasing network demands while maintaining high levels of performance
  • Access meaningful and actionable performance data to enhance productivity and help manage costs
  • Identify and monitor rogue application use, as well as suspect or potential security violations with innovative tools

Application Performance Management Service Details

Level 3’s Application Performance Management suite comprises three service types:

Network Integrity (NI)

  • Network health monitoring
  • Proactive alarming
  • End-to-end SLAs
  • SLA validation reports

Application Integrity (AI)

All NI features plus:

  • Auto-discovery of applications, servers and users
  • Proactive application alarming
  • Long-term performance trending reports
  • Automatic performance baseline of each application and application server
  • Network and application troubleshooting

VoIP Integrity (VI)

All NI and AI features plus:

  • Auto-discovery of VoIP calls, IP PBXs and handsets
  • Proactive VoIP alarming
  • MOS metrics per port and per call
  • Correlation of VoIP performance to network health
  • VoIP pre-assessment analyses prior to implementation

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