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Level 3 serves 5 of the Big 6 U.S. movie studios.


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A championship soccer match in Great Britain needs to be televised live for avid fans in the United States. A celebrity scandal breaks out and your station wants to be the first to show the world. The political convention that happens once every four years has to be distributed both online and on television so millions of potential voters can watch. Your hit television program needs to get to the cable platform by tomorrow so your streak of ten straight weeks at number one can continue. 

Level 3 can help you achieve all of these scenarios efficiently — and more important, securely — and with confidence in a trusted partner that’s been reliably delivering video services for over 20 years. 

How Level 3 Can Help

At Level 3, our goal is to provide you with the resources to obtain and distribute your video content where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. The award-winning Level 3® Vyvx® Solutions utilize our state-of-the-art VenueNet® product suite to deliver some of the most-watched live events in the world.

Additionally, our secure global fiber network can get your file-based content to the end user for consumption on any device, whether online or on television, by utilizing our fully integrated Content Delivery Network. We work to support maximum reliability across our global network using end-to-end managed services and uncompromising customer support. And we back our services by providing 24 x 7 quality assurance and monitoring for your peace of mind, all supported by our integrated customer media portal. 

How You Benefit

  • Global Reach: The Level 3® Network spans approximately 100,000 intercity, 30,000 metro, and 35,000 subsea route miles, connecting more than 45 countries and over 500 core network markets.  
  • Secure, Trusted Partner: Level 3 has over 20 years of experience delivering the biggest events and most-watched television programs in the world.
  • Single Provider: Gain efficiency with our compelling suite of broadcast play-out services, alongside our Content Delivery Network services, for delivery anywhere, any time.  We offer our customers the scalability they need, whether it’s for live events or file-based content, television or online broadcast. 
  • Flexibility: Our teleport assets are integrated directly into our fiber network, enhancing our reach and ability to acquire and deliver HD-quality video programming and live events across the globe.

Vyvx Solutions

Vyvx Video

High-profile events warrant broadcast with cutting edge technology. Major media has relied on Level 3's Vyvx Solutions for more than 20 years.

Media Delivery Services

The Level 3 video streaming services can offer a single end-to-end solution enabling you to build strong businesses for the future.

    Global Media Events

    View our calendar of the major international events on the horizon, and how Level 3 can support your streaming media and online broadcast efforts.