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Global Media Events

Level 3 supports several customers with capacity needs in excess of 100 GB.



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Vyvx Solutions

Viewers today expect to consume content on a variety of devices — televisions, computers, tablets, smart phones — regardless of their location, and quality can’t be sacrificed. Whether it’s a live sporting event across the world, your file-based TV program on cable that evening, or a breaking news story happening in the next town over, you need to get the content to your viewers in an efficient, secure and high-quality manner.

How Level 3 Can Help

Level 3® Vyvx® Solutions have you covered. For the last 20 years, we’ve been helping our customers deliver the most-watched television events and programs around the world with our vast fiber network and integrated teleport program. Our end-to-end solution covers you From Creation to Consumption®. With a venue footprint connected to many of the top distribution platforms by our expansive global network, combined with our Media Services play-out options, you can depend on one vendor to help your company increase efficiency and security, and grow your bottom line. 

How You Benefit

  • Contribution: From event locations and sports venues to TV production and studio facilities, we support live video transmission for the most-watched TV events.
  • Distribution: Level 3 works with you to carefully evaluate your global transmission requirements and determine the right mix of fiber and satellite to support your ever-increasing content distribution demands.
  • Broadcast-Quality Transmission: Our HD fiber network is monitored and managed 24 x 7 and supports all commonly used broadcast standards, with encoding, decoding and video transmission support for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, MPEG2/4 and JPEG 2000.
  • Managed Services: Vyvx Managed Services are focused on procuring, maintaining and operating the hardware and software that move video from origin to destination. From assessment and planning through implementation, our services include all the capabilities critical to point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadcast video delivery.

Broadcast Fiber Service

The Level 3 Vyvx Broadcast Service is a leading fiber-optic video solution serving live broadcast media with the largest number of TSCs in the U.S.

    Channel Origination

    Level 3 Channel Origination offers an easy, one-stop-shop solution for linear program playout. Simply provide digital video files and a channel playlist, and we’ll create a fully produced video channel ready for distribution over our Broadcast Fiber, expansive Teleport network or online streaming internet channel.

      Managed Video Network Service

      The Level 3 Vyvx Managed Video Network Service (MVNS) offering combines video server and IP/data into a single managed service.

        Satellite and Teleport

        Live video streaming relies on satellite and teleport capabilities, enabling news crews and other broadcasters to bring live action to your audience.


          Level 3 Vyvx VenueNet+ simplifies HD and SD transmission from stadiums and event venues. Just hand us your video and we do the rest.

            VenueNet Lite

            The Level 3 Vyvx VenueNet Lite service features our high-definition fiber network and central, dedicated locations for easy equipment hook up.