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VenueNet Lite

The popularity of college sports has exploded, and with that comes a proliferation of games on both television and online. Despite games being broadcast from all corners of college campuses, quality can’t be sacrificed for the die-hard fans watching on the other side of the country. As fiber transmission costs decline and demand for HD quality increases, sports broadcasting is moving to fiber to take advantage of greater workflow efficiency and stability of service.

Level 3® Vyvx® Solutions provide direct fiber connections to our network at nearly every major league stadium in the United States, and a growing number of college and international sports venues are taking advantage of these improved broadcast capabilities. With the Level 3 Vyvx VenueNet LiteSM service, the latest addition to the Emmy® Award-winning Level 3 Vyvx VenueNet® family of services, broadcasters and universities now have a simple, reliable alternative to satellite broadcasting. The VenueNet Lite offering features our high-definition fiber network and central, dedicated locations for easy equipment connectivity, with no need for costly satellite trucks or extra personnel.

VenueNet Lite Service Benefits

  • Direct access to an end-to-end standard- and high-definition fiber network for high-quality transmission from many of the top college campuses across the country
  • Fiber delivery eliminates the complexity of scheduling satellite space and having uplink trucks on site, and provides easy access for your production equipment
  • A cost-effective and reliable alternative to satellite, with the same quality of video service and support our customers have grown to expect at major league venues
  • Scalability for college sporting venues — as a university grows and adds locations, we can scale to meet that growth

VenueNet Lite Service Details

  • Integrated JPEG-2000 encoders for high-quality HD-SDI and SD-SDI video compression for ASI transmission
  • High-quality fiber transmission to any location on the Vyvx network
  • Fiber infrastructure to support future applications like end-to-end 3D transmission
  • 24 x 7 staffed Television Operations Center to support top-quality service

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