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Live events are the true reality shows of today, and with increasing viewership on a number of different devices, high expectations abound. Transmitting video from a sports or event venue can be a major production. Coordinating with different encoding, networking and Internet solutions can create costly hassles that most content providers would like to avoid. That’s where Level 3® Vyvx® Solutions come in — they’ve got you covered From Creation to Consumption®. Our VenueNet+® offering is the culmination of more than 20 years of industry leadership and expertise, and represents a significant upgrade to our Emmy® Award-winning VenueNet®service.

The VenueNet+ service is engineered to provide the high-quality high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) digital video services broadcasters have come to rely on from Vyvx, but with added HD and SD encoding, high-speed IP (HSIP) and phone support in VenueNet+ venues. VenueNet+ access delivers content to your choice of destinations, and connects both professional and college venues across the country, via the global Vyvx network — providing the same consistent experience everywhere you go.

VenueNet+ Service Benefits

  • Next-generation, near-instant digital connectivity at major sports venues 24 x 7
  • High-quality HD and SD digital video services
  • Integrated voice and HSIP offerings to help streamline production workflow
  • An upgrade plan for advanced venue connectivity
  • Easy access for your production equipment
  • Connections to your choice of destinations from almost all professional sports venues and a growing number of college locations

VenueNet+ Service Details

  • Integrated encoders and decoders for high-quality HD-SDI and SD-SDI video compression for ASI transmission
  • Advanced support for local and remote signal verification and monitoring
  • Available phone and high-speed IP service
  • Fiber infrastructure to support future applications like end-to-end 3D transmission
  • Standard support for uncompressed HD services

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