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Collaboration Services

Businesses are rapidly expanding around the world, and their stakeholders are located globally. Connecting geographically dispersed employees, customers, partners and suppliers around the world at a moment’s notice is imperative to the success of the growth of a business. To address the challenges and costs associated with travel and waiting for a face-to-face meeting, Level 3 developed a Collaboration Services suite of audio, video and web conferencing services that help you boost workplace productivity while maximizing your organization’s time, resources and global communications.

Level 3 Collaboration Customer Center


There are times when your business needs to deliver online events securely to a large group. Use our large event audio and webcasting services.

    Audio Collaboration

    Our conference call services efficiently connect geographically dispersed employees, customers and partners for instantaneous teleconferencing.

      Web Collaboration

      Web conferencing solutions enable screen sharing with participants and the management of all your web meetings simple and user-friendly.

        Video Collaboration

        With Level 3 video conferencing, participants can experience the immediacy, impact and personal touch of video collaboration.