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VoIP Enhanced Local

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? VoIP technology has transformed the world of local voice services, merging voice services into one efficient service. To compete in the growing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market, VoIP service providers need to deliver the features and high-quality experience businesses and consumers nationwide have come to expect, while controlling overhead costs and addressing compliance issues.

The Level 3® VoIP Enhanced Local service provides the ability to securely originate and terminate calls to and from U.S. telephone numbers provided by Level 3, efficiently aggregate the traffic, and hand it off to single or multiple IP endpoints. With this streamlined, nationwide reach and Level 3’s full suite of VoIP features, you get access to broad coverage. As your single, trusted VoIP provider, we offer you a fully bundled, FCC-compliant solution that lets you choose the features you want to deliver – all with low capital expenditures. Now you can grow into new markets to deliver carrier quality, IP-based local and long-distance services quickly and cost-effectively.

VoIP Enhanced Local Service Benefits

  • Industry-Leading Coverage: We offer nationwide coverage, reaching more than 87 percent of the United States.
  • High-Quality Customer Experience:  IP transport is handled by Level 3's own MPLS-based IP network, so we deliver the highest quality of service.
  • Total Control: Companies that operate their own Class 5 switches retain total control over end-user features and billing with minimal involvement and investment in complex interconnection issues, for quick expansion into new markets and additional competitive features.
  • Deliver the Future: With SMS-enabled telephone numbers, you can quickly, simply and cost-effectively take advantage of an SMS solution that differentiates your service and allows your customers to connect on their terms.

VoIP Enhanced Local Service Details

  • Local and long-distance service
  • SMS messaging
  • Operator services
  • Directory assistance (411 / NPA-555-1212)
  • Directory listing services
  • Local U.S. phone numbers and local number portability (LNP) with port-in and port-out capability
  • Fixed-location, static E-911, or customer-provided 911
  • Includes operator assistance, directory listings and directory assistance

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