Enterprise Network Security

Level 3® Adaptive Network Security

Lock Down Your Network. Protect Your Employees. Secure Your Assets.

Your mobile workforce, connected partners and BYOD policies expand your network-security perimeter and increase your cyber risk.

Patchwork Protection Problems

Implementing an ad-hoc security solution creates points of vulnerability while the lack of security personnel compounds the problem.

Eliminate the Weak Links with Security Service Chaining

Level 3 Adaptive Network Security is a flexible, multi-layered, network-based security service delivered via the cloud. It fuses a wide range of advanced network security services with threat intelligence to eliminate weak links in your chain of defense.


Layered Network Security Functions
Adaptive Network Security delivers cost-effective and reliable protection. It interlocks various network security functions. Allowing you to quickly adapt to new cyber threats without requiring huge investments and new expertise.

Enhanced Visibility and Threat Intelligence
Using the proven Level 3 Network-Based Security approach, you benefit from our enhanced threat intelligence and network visibility. Access the tools you need to monitor, block and report network security threats.

Low Latency
Move protection physically closer to the edge so cyber attacks can be neutralized more efficiently and effectively. Level 3 Adaptive Network Security enables you to secure internet traffic across the Level 3 Network, in hybrid environments and on third-party networks. 

Level 3 Adaptive Network Security. Layer Your Defense. Lock Down Your Network.

Enterprise Network Security
Adaptive Network Security Video

Adaptive Network Security Service Benefits

  • Carrier agnostic IP access for holistic defense
  • Efficient multi-service chaining in Level 3 Gateways
  • Global coverage for low latency
  • Fully managed and maintained
  • Backed by Level 3 Threat Intelligence
  • Flexible feature packages and connectivity options
  • Supports hybrid security – cloud and premises-based
  • Level 3 MPLS/ IP VPN and internet services can boost network efficiency and performance

Adaptive Network Security Service Details

  • Intrusion protection service
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam
  • Web content filtering
  • Application awareness and control
  • Anti-malware (sandboxing)
  • Data-loss protection (DLP)
  • Logging and reporting
  • 24/7 Level 3 Security Operations Center support
  • Centralized policy management and visibility in the MyLevel3 customer portal