Threat Intelligence

Level 3SM Adaptive Threat Intelligence Service

See More. Stop More.

Cyber attacks transform, continuously growing in complexity and volume. Using outdated threat tracking techniques can bury you in raw information, without the resources to act on it. Finding the expertise, budget and time to manage large amounts of data can be beyond difficult. 

A Simple Answer to a Big Cyber Problem
Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence can be your solution to a demanding threat landscape. Don’t waste time determining what you need to act on or identifying cyber-attack patterns. We do that for you. Access actionable threat data that is correlated and prioritized. React rapidly with a data driven plan and support from Level 3’s expert security staff.

Why Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Threat Correlation that Cuts Costs
Upgrading your security systems – especially threat intelligence technologies – can be costly and strain your in-house resources. For many businesses, a managed service like Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence just makes sense. Security event and incident management (SEIM) integration eliminates the need for technology deployment and maintenance, without sacrificing performance. We also provide an easy to use portal with reporting, alerts, and metrics included.

Auto-Prioritized Threat Intelligence
Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence leverages our Threat Research Labs service, which provides sophisticated, global threat analytics and tracks two-way communications to identify attack patterns. It then automatically correlates and analyzes the threat data and prioritizes it for you. This allows you to act on a data-driven, cyber-threat plan in near real-time. Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence: See More. Stop MoreSM. Get Ahead.

Level 3 Threat Intelligence
Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Level 3 Adaptive Threat Intelligence Service Details

  • Your traffic is monitored as it passes through the Level 3 infrastructure.
  • We correlate your traffic against known malicious communication utilizing Level 3 proprietary analysis and threat data.
  • Results are fed into your SIEM system or an easy to use portal.
  • You receive near real-time, customizable alerting for high-risk events.
  • You can access near real-time, portal-based or SIEM reporting, as well as analytics capabilities utilizing event data.

Level 3 Threat Intelligence Service Benefits

  • No expensive on-site equipment or installation
  • No long development cycles or difficult integration
  • Threat correlation provided by Level 3
  • 24/7 security expert support, saving the challenge and expense of hiring your own
  • Streamlined, actionable data means less time investigating, and more time acting against threats
  • Lock