Contact Centers

Level 3® Contact Center Services

Outstanding Customer Experience = Competitive Edge.

Chances are your #1 priority is to improve customer experience. But you have other important goals, too – such as cutting total cost of ownership.

Your Customers Are Happier. You’re Happier.
Level 3 Contact Center Services enhanced reporting provides actionable insights into every step of your customer‘s journey – so you can make smart choices about what comes next. And you can bank on our advanced network and Cloud technologies to connect you with your customers reliably, efficiently and securely. With Level 3, you can drive stellar customer support and lower costs. And that’s what we call a win-win.

Why Level 3 for Contact Center Services

Stellar Customer Support Drives Bottom-Line Results.
Every customer contact is an opportunity to strengthen your brand and influence bottom-line results. With Level 3 Contact Center Services, you can cultivate positive customer experiences while you reduce capital costs and improve agent productivity.

Take advantage of a host of cloud-based features that offer the ability to shift from capital expense to operating-expense investment. All while improving every interaction with your customer.

Level 3 Contact Center Services Benefits

  • Cut total cost of ownership. Harness the power of our leading network technologies and innovative, inclusive pricing model to improve agent effectiveness and conserve precious capital.
  • Increase control and efficiency. Manage the entire customer experience with a comprehensive suite of standard routing and control features. Optional advanced applications with end-to-end call detail records and robust reporting available.
  • Cloud-based services. Utilize a host of advanced business applications and see how you can improve your customers’ experience and increase satisfaction.
  • Flexibility. Engage with a provider that brings engineering expertise, project management and a consultative approach to complex implementations.

Level 3 Contact Center Services Details

  • Level 3 Toll-Free service. Priced at a simple, inclusive cost-per-minute with standard features, and the choice of receiving calls via TDM or SIP.
  • Level 3 Local Inbound service. Enables storefront and branch integration, supports identical toll-free features and offers an alternative to Remote Call Forwarding.
  • Standard and advanced features. Intelligent routing, network transfer, CTI integration, end-to-end call-detail records, standard and custom reports, network announcements and much more.