Converged Services

Level 3SM Converged Services

Consolidate to Reduce Complexity.

Voice and data services are business requirements. And not only do they need to perform reliably, they also need to work together. Level 3 Converged Services delivers your voice and data services on a single, fully managed and customizable solution that takes the “work” out of your network.

Less Time. Less Money. More Simplicity.

Combine voice, Internet and MPLS/IP VPN to simplify your network management. Starting at a single T-1 and scaling up to gigabit Ethernet, our Converged Services offer flexible connections for both single-location or multiple-site enterprises. And no expensive hardware, configuration, maintenance or management are required.

Why Level 3 Converged Network Services

A Single Solution
Level 3 Converged Services provide voice, data, and Internet services using dynamically allocated bandwidth to eliminate idle capacity – all in one simple solution.

Save on Equipment Costs
All Converged Services are provided and installed by Level 3. This includes managed premise-based Integrated Access Device (IAD) or Session Border Controller (SBC) to allow Level 3 to remotely monitor your service. 

Performance, Support and Security
Redundant network firewalls, 24 x 7 service monitoring and class of service (CoS) options help ensure peak application and network performance. With Level 3 Converged Services, you can spend less time building a business network and more time building your business.

Level 3 Converged Service Options

  • Voice and Internet
  • Voice and MPLS/IP VPN
  • MPLS/IP VPN and Internet


  • MPLS/IP VPN connectivity between locations
  • SIP Voice or a mix of PRI/CAS trunks and lines
  • T1/Nx T1 up to 1Gbps speeds  
  • Dynamically allocated bandwidth
  • Level 3 managed premise-based device (IAD), or Session Border Controller (SBC) for voice bundles

Optional Services:

  • Class of Service – Prioritize your data traffic
  • Enhanced Management – Easily view network performance
  • Dynamic Capacity – Double or triple your bandwidth real time
  • Internet Security – Secure access via Level 3 network-based firewalls
  • Secure Access Site and Cellular Services – Obtain cost-effective backup connectivity 
  • Managed Router – Proactively monitor and manage routers

Level 3 Converged Service Benefits

  • Simplify your network. Integrate voice, data and Internet into a single, scalable connection.
  • Easily expand. Add calls and bandwidth as your business grows.
  • Call site-to-site. No charges for all intra-enterprise calls nationwide.
  • Deliver any-to-any connectivity. Fully-meshed private connections reduces latency by avoiding hub and spoke traffic patterns.
  • Improve visibility and control. Adaptive Network Control Solutions including Dynamic Capacity and Enhanced Management allow you to immediately adapt to bandwidth demands and automate network changes to increase productivity.