Managed Fiber

Level 3® Managed Dedicated Fiber

A Smarter Way to Manage Your Network.

Businesses need bandwidth. Lots of it.

Managing that bandwidth takes time and money. If you’re leasing bandwidth, your costs keep going up as your demands grow. The more everything grows, the more difficult it becomes to control and maintain. A smart alternative is investing in a managed optical fiber network.

Level 3 Managed Dedicated Fiber solutions serve your long-term needs while delivering quick payback and peace of mind. We’ll get you the bandwidth and control you need — without the high costs.

Why Level 3 Dark Fiber Services

With Level 3 Managed Dedicated Fiber solutions, you make the decisions and we handle the heavy lifting. Get all the benefits of network ownership without having to construct the physical network yourself.

Leverage our experience to manage your network needs as your business expands. We already manage proven optical networks. Now we’re ready to put that expertise to work for you.

Level 3 Managed Dedicated Fiber Benefits

  • Simplified management. One managed network provider for both your local and global needs.
  • Lower costs, higher productivity. Minimize hardware expenses and staffing needs.
  • Grow your business. Our experts collaborate with you to evolve your network and take your business where it needs to go.
  • Bundle with Level 3 Managed Security services. Let our experts help keep your data and network secure.

Level 3 Managed Dedicated Fiber Details

  • 54,000 intercity route miles in North America connecting more than 150 cities.
  • 26,000 metro route miles in North America.
  • Separate dedicated NOC for Managed Dedicated Fiber customers.
  • Guaranteed uptime with complete prescriptive control over scheduled maintenance.
  • Fast turnaround on logical moves, upgrades and new meshing.