Level 3® MPLS/IP VPN

Network demands are always changing. We’re always ready.

Optimizing customer experience is the name of the game. To maximize efficiencies and grow, you need a network that easily supports your expansion plans, handles swells in bandwidth and can meet the demands of global connectivity.

We can help. Level 3 Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) /IP VPN services make it easy. Applications benefit from fast, reliable performance with high data delivery and low latency. A unified platform, pricing flexibility and bandwidth to grow — it all adds up to a consistent solution your business can rely on.

Why Level 3 IP VPN Services

Our MPLS/IP VPN services have flexibility built in and can deliver secure, private, any-to-any service over our global footprint. And our range of billing options meet any budget need.

Whether you’re migrating to MPLS/IP VPN or leveraging your existing solution with us to add voice, video or dedicated Internet, Level 3’s solution architects, sales engineers and security experts are ready.

Get the purpose-fit solutions and expertise you need to succeed.

Level 3 MPLS IP VPN Benefits

  • Grow and expand your business. Tap our global reach and any-to-any connectivity to add new locations and secure remote-access options.
  • Billing flexibility. Meet your budgeting needs with flat-rate and usage-based billing options. 
  • Scalability. Support high-bandwidth growth periods. Expand capacity and prioritize network traffic with up to six class-of-service (CoS) levels.
  • Maximize service efficiency. Gain insight to network performance and easily schedule or increase bandwidth on-demand.

Level 3 MPLS IP VPN Details

  • Global connectivity. Directly connect in more than 50 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • Visibility and Control. Gain real-time visibility of end-to-end network performance metrics including application usage. Quickly scale bandwidth to meet fluctuating traffic demands.
  • Multi-service ports. Support multiple services (e.g., voice, internet) on a single VPN port and access circuit to reduce costs and allocate bandwidth.
  • Advanced MPLS/IP VPN capabilities. Employ proactive network monitoring included with the service at no additional cost. Multicast and multiple VPNs available on a single port simplify management, implementation and administration.
  • End-to-End Service Level Guarantees. Add enhanced reporting capabilities to detail key data performance metrics for latency, data delivery and jitter.
  • Bundle with Level 3 Managed Network and Security Services. Improve overall cost and operational efficiencies via turnkey management.