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Network-Based Security

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The internet never stops growing in size or importance. It is a critical component for business and ignites communications, sales, marketing and customer service. It also increases risk. Each connection introduces another point for attack or infection.

Tightly seal your network infrastructure, applications and data from attacks with help from Level 3 Network-Based Security solutions. Access holistic, multi-layered internet and threat protection against sophisticated attacks — and simplify management and limit costs while you’re at it.

Why Level 3 for Network Security

We operate a comprehensive global network, so we have extensive visibility into security threats. We use this insightful data to better predict threats before they happen and quickly mitigate attacks if they do occur. 

Our Network-Based Security services are supported by Level 3's experts. That means the same experts charged with protecting hundreds of thousands of route miles of fiber can monitor and manage your security solutions. 

We help safeguard networks, systems and data. And, we can do it for you.

Security Overview
Network-Based Security Overview

eBook: Level 3 Network-Based Security

Threats to your organization can come from anywhere. Security intelligence based on global visibility across multiple network layers is essential. Level 3 Network-Based Security can provide this perspective, helping you identify and defend against threats.

Network Based Security ebook

Level 3 Network-Based Security Benefits

  • Stay secure. Our Security Operations Center can fortify your business, protecting your network, systems and data against even the most sophisticated attacks. 
  • Stay productive. Leverage our network-based services to help protect Internet connections, ensure applications stay up and running, and make certain stakeholders have access to the tools necessary to conduct business. 
  • Stay informed. Gain greater visibility of security threats impacting your business with detailed reporting and analytics.

Level 3 Network-Based Security Details

  • Level 3 DDoS Mitigation. Combines enhanced network routing, rate limiting and IP filtering with advanced network-based mitigation through regionally distributed scrubbing centers.
  • Network-Based Managed Firewall. Provides global, diverse, secure Internet access for improved latency and application performance.
  • Real-Time Security Reporting. Equips you with security analytics tools that can manipulate data and create custom, downloadable reports.