Level 3SM Network Protection

Rapid Internet Defense.

When volumetric attacks on your network arise, you must move quickly. Each minute of downtime can decrease productivity and directly impact your bottom line. 

Turn up Level 3 Network Protection to help minimize your business risk. It provides a multi-layered defense strategy with network-based security controls to help defend against attacks.

Why Level 3 Network Protection Services

Customizable Network Protection for Your Business and Budget.
Help secure your Internet connections with layers of defense via enhanced network routing, rate limiting and filtering. You can pair these services with our advanced network-based detection and mitigation scrubbing center solutions.

Protect, detect and mitigate. Our flexible Network Protection managed service can streamline the threat mitigation process and keep your network business-ready.

Level 3 Network Protection Service Benefits

  • Easily implement. Quickly deploy network controls to stop threats.
  • Rest easier. Worry less and work more with permanent defense controls on your network.
  • Leverage our Threat Intelligence. Benefit from our security operations team’s extensive visibility into attack traffic and advanced threats obtained through Level 3’s global IP, Content Delivery and DNS networks.

Level 3 Network Protection Service Details

Level 3SM Network Protection service applies network-based controls for volumetric attack mitigation on a permanent basis. Protect your Internet ports with tools such as:

  • Null routes, rate limiters
  • Permanent ACLs
  • Firewall filters upstream
  • Customer or Level 3-specified filters

For a more advanced mitigation solution, we combine these tools with a fully managed, network-based scrubbing option, Level 3 DDoS Mitigation Service.