Private Line

Level 3® Private Line Services

Stay Connected and Secure.

Moving data is serious business. Whether it’s flowing across town or across the world, you need reliability and security. A dedicated circuit with extensive flexibility and reach is necessary for your most sensitive traffic.

You need Level 3 Private Line Services. We’ll help you build your business networks with confidence, built on the power and reliability of our worldwide, seamless backbone.

We’re working hard to keep your data moving — and your business moving forward.

Why Level 3 for Ethernet Private Line

You need global reach. Level 3 delivers it.

Level 3 Private Line Services are delivered globally on our fiber network. Get dedicated bandwidth for high-priority business applications, diverse transport paths and immediate restoration in case of an outage.

As for support, Level 3 offers the best of both worlds — the responsiveness, agility and customer focus of a local provider, backed by the resources, bandwidth and network of a global provider.

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Trusted Network Connections

Level 3 Private Line Services Benefits

  • Enhanced reliability. Architecture that provides fully diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration in case of outages.
  • Global connectivity and metro depth. Around the corner or across the globe, we can support your network implementation with our global and local footprint.
  • Protect your network. Use trusted SONET and SDH for your high-priority business applications.
  • Leverage protocol independence. Carry IP, voice, data and video as Layer 2 or Layer 3 traffic.

Level 3 Private Line Services Details

  • Speeds available include E-1, E-3, T-1, DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12,
    OC-48, STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16
  • Multiple configurations including point-to-point, hub and end links 
  • Private Dedicated Rings (PDRs)
  • Diversity, latency and custom routing options