Secure Access

Level 3SM Secure Access

Keep Your Data Safe. No Matter Where It Travels. 

As your business grows, so do your security headaches. Especially now that workers, customers, vendors and partners want to access your network from anywhere, on any device.

How do you let the good guys in and keep the bad guys out? Level 3 Secure Access management experts assess your remote and mobile needs, and then set you up with a tailor-made solution. The good guys get the access they need—and you get peace of mind.

Why Level 3 Secure Access Management

Helping provide secure network access is what we do, every day, all over the world. We’ve built our reputation on it and we’re ready to put our expertise to work for your business.

We extend the security policies of your core network to every end user — without running up costs. We help you build user profiles and a firewall. And we can give you an easy, secure path to your critical data wherever it lives.

Secure access management can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Make it simple, with Level 3.

Level 3 Secure Access Services Benefits

  • Lower costs. Secure site access eliminates the need for all sites to be on the IP VPN, helping reduce expenses.
  • True BYOD. Securely manage remote connectivity in a “bring your own device” environment.
  • Global Presence. With gateways on four continents, users can rely on low latency and jitter, regardless of where they are.

Level 3 Secure Access Services Details

  • Mobility option. Enhance access management with SSL VPN capabilities. Keep remote users productive on the road with secure access to data via laptops, tablets and/or smartphones.
  • Site option. Help maintain secure business operations and keep data unmodified and intruders at bay with VPN access for small offices.
  • Cellular option: Provide secure 3G/4G LTE cellular connectivity for small, remote sites. Use as a backup in the event of a primary VPN connectivity failure.

Proactive Security Guide

Gaining a competitive advantage in the modern marketplace requires an infrastructure that allows for the secure execution of data and analytics, cloud, social, and mobile technologies.

Proactive Security Guide