Secure Connectivity

Level 3SM Secure Access and Mobility

The Access They Want. The Mobile Security Solutions You Need.

Colleagues use their personal devices for business purposes. Employees work from home or on the road. Partners and vendors from all over the world require network access.

That’s great for productivity. Not so great for security.

Network vulnerabilities, continuously evolving cyber threats, operational complexity — these are just some of the key challenges Level 3 can help you overcome with our Secure Access and Mobility services.

Why Level 3 Mobile Security Solutions

Keeping ahead of the latest security threats is no easy task. But our advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) can handle it.

The SOC supports 24/7 monitoring and threat analysis of your security appliances for a complete view of security incidents. Let us help stop attacks before they become a problem.

You may not have a team dedicated to tracking cyber threats every minute of every day. We do. And our team will keep your network safe — without sacrificing accessibility.

Security Strategies for Mobile Devices
Security Strategies for Mobile Devices

Level 3 Secure Access and Mobility Benefits

  • Get round-the-clock confidence. We can deliver “always on” protection of your most sensitive data, along with mobile security solutions managed and monitored by our security experts 24/7.
  • Free up your resources. Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Let Level 3 handle the burden of keeping up, so your team can focus on growing your business.
  • Provide effortless productivity. Give your employees safe, secure network access from anywhere, on any device.

Level 3 Secure Access and Mobility Benefits Details

  • Mobility option: Securely connect remote users or teleworkers to networks, critical data and applications via laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Site option: Extend VPN access to small or remote offices with a basic Internet connection. Help ensure data remains unmodified in transit and free from prying eyes.