Today’s Internet Must be Secure

What are you looking for from your Internet services provider?  Speed is a given. So is global connectivity. 

But you need more.

You need a network designed for scalability and consistent, high performance.  Most importantly, you need security.

Level 3 Secure Internet Services combines the speed, global reach and security needed to deliver Internet applications reliably.


In today’s cyber threat environment, enterprises should implement a multi-layered security approach to guard against sophisticated Internet attacks. After all, the Internet is the foundation for contact with your customers, employees and partners. It’s the home of your brand. So ensuring a proven, reliable experience with each interaction is critical.

That’s why our network is not only fast, continuously upgradeable and engineered for resilience — it’s also protected by solid security solutions.

Level 3 Secure Internet Services. Performance and peace of mind.

And now you can order enterprise-grade Internet access on-line with Steel Thread.

Build your budget. Choose your speed.  Check availability.

Dedicated Internet Access pricing:  T1 to 1 Gbps.



Level 3 Secure Internet Services Benefits

  • Grow your business. Wholesale and Enterprise, full duplex, high-speed, dedicated Internet access.
  • Simplify IT. Proven bandwidth, scalable Ethernet services, managed router services and predictable fixed pricing.
  • Trusted Provider. Global backbone with expansive peering arrangements
  • Protection. Full suite of Level 3 Managed Security UTM and DDoS services for increased protection and network performance.
    • Internet Security: Our standard for network security includes reactive IP filtering though null routes and limited ACL filtering.
    • DDoS Protection: Subscription-based IP filtering service with permanent ACLs, SLAs and Security Operation Services.
    • DDoS Emergency Mitigation: Event-based DDoS mitigation led by Security Operations team, based on DNS proxy or route redirection.
    • DDoS Mitigation: Robust Security Operations support on-demand or always-on mitigation based on DNS or route redirection.

Level 3 Secure Internet Services Details

  • Flat rate, usage-based and aggregate billing options
  • Range of port speeds and access options: TDM (DS1-OC48) or Ethernet (FastE, 1GbE, 10 GbE, 100 GbE- limited availability)
  • Various backhaul options to extend the reach of our IP network to your customer premise.
  • Online portal for ordering, service management and billing
Level 3 Internet Localization

Proven network interconnection, specifically for consumer broadband networks.


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