Threat Intelligence

Level 3SM Threat Research Labs

Cut Through the Noise. Get Actionable Threat Intelligence.

Confused about what data you need to defend your business?  Level 3 Threat Research Labs monitors communications between bad guys and victims. Predict risks, detect attacks and track zero-day exploits using the same data Level 3 security experts use to defend our infrastructure and customers.

Why Level 3 Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Expansive View Is Your Advantage
Thanks to our global footprint, Level 3 Communications can monitor large quantities of Internet traffic for malicious activity. Let us help you identify threat communications before they infiltrate your data, systems and network.

Threat Impact Reporting
Gain insights on Botnet behavior, DDoS attack patterns and other vulnerabilities. Research geographic trends, review victim and successful attacker profiles, and discover why tracking two-way communications is critical for mitigating evolving cyberthreats.

Botnet report video
Botnet Report Video

Level 3 Threat Intelligence Benefits

  • Understand where threats originate. By monitoring ~1,000 known command and control servers plus malware and phishing domains, we can better mitigate attacks on your infrastructure.
  • Track traffic. Abnormal spikes in traffic are a leading indicator of cyberthreats. Our threat intelligence can help identify anomalous traffic.
  • Defend social engineering. Our research group has placed a strong focus on intelligent, role-based targeted attacks.
  • Not a Level 3 Customer? No problem. You do not need to be a Level 3 network customer to benefit from our threat reporting. Level 3 Threat Research Labs is chartered to protect all internet users.