Voice Complete Products

Level 3® Voice Complete®

The Easy Path to Real-Time Communications

Whether you’re just starting to explore the advantages of SIP or looking to launch a full-blown unified communications initiative, Level 3 Voice Complete answers the call for better voice communications.

By combining dedicated long distance and local services, SIP services and ISDN-PRI services, Level 3 Voice Complete offers a foundational platform for unified communications. It’s a highly flexible solution that minimizes migration risk, and scales quickly and easily to meet your growing needs.

Your business can do more than keep up. It can pave the way.

Why Level 3

There’s trepidation about moving away from your legacy voice communications system. We get it. But no matter where you are on the path to enhanced voice and other real-time communications, we have the proven expertise, experience and technologies to help make it easier.

Level 3 Voice Complete’s robust, built-in features deliver a straightforward, reliable solution. You gain efficiency and security while paving the way for unified communications.

Our global IP network can help simplify your life by taking on service delivery and management end-to-end, so you can get your mind off the phones and back on your business.

Level 3 Voice Complete Benefits

  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminates patchwork voice services from disparate vendors and reduces vendor-management complexities.
  • Secure and Survivable: Enterprise-grade business continuity and disaster recovery keeps your business up and running in times of crises.
  • Emergency 911 Solutions are Built In: Comprehensive 911 emergency service assures employee safety.
  • Expansive SIP Service Footprint: Simplifies migration and eliminates the need for multiple vendors.
  • 30-50 Percent Lower Costs: Save on telecom and voice network versus legacy circuit-switched infrastructures.

Level 3 Voice Complete Details

  • True, Native ISDN PRI Handoff: Connects all business sites without costly upgrades or need for IADs or gateways.
  • Level 3 IP Network: Provides a predictable, high-quality user experience.
  • Geographically Independent Phone Numbers: Simplifies number management across mobile workforces and provides virtual presence.
  • Services from a Single Vendor: Re-focus internal resources on strategic growth.