When Delivering Video is Mission Critical

In a single moment, a story is told. And you need to send the signal around the world. Who can you trust to ensure your content reaches your audience?

Rely on Level 3 Vyvx solutions. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered pristine video for some of the most-watched television events and programs around the world, with operational accountability from the acquisition of content to delivery to your audiences.

Your job is to cover the story. Our job is to help you share it with the world.


Live sporting events. 24 x 7 TV channels. Breaking news. Huge broadcast events. Whatever your content is and wherever it needs to go, Level 3 Vyvx solutions can help get it there.

Our end-to-end solution covers you from the start of the creation process to consumption. With a venue footprint connected to many of the top distribution platforms by our expansive global network, combined with our Media Services play-out options, you can depend on one vendor to help your company increase efficiency and grow your bottom line.


Level 3 Vyvx Solutions Details

  • Broadcast Fiber: Includes encoding, decoding and video transmission support for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, MPEG2/4 and JPEG 2000.
  • Managed Video Network Services: Capabilities critical to point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadcast video delivery.
  • Satellite and Teleports: Our 11 teleports support all satellite uplinking and downlinking.
  • VenueNet: A single provider coordinates high-quality video encoding, Internet and telephone access.
  • Channel Origination: One-stop-shop solution for linear program playout.
  • Uncompressed HD: Our highest quality long-haul video transmission service for occasional and full time use.

Level 3 Vyvx Solutions Benefits

  • We treat your content right. Monitored and managed 24 x 7, our global network supports all major broadcast standards.
  • Customized solutions built for success. We collaborate with you to create the ideal mix of fiber and satellite to support your specific transmission requirements – all backed by round-the-clock customer service.
  • Take control. Our online portal lets you easily provision, monitor and manage your services


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