Make Your Voice Heard

Your business needs the highest quality voice services — without killing your bottom line. Whether you’re a reseller, hoster, service provider or just looking to simplify your operations, you need powerful voice capabilities at an affordable price.

That’s where we come in. Level 3 offers a full suite of secure, competitive voice services. We’ll help you streamline your networks, run more efficiently and expand into new markets.

We’ll make sure your voice gets heard — around the office and around the world.

Why Level 3

Level 3 provides the latest proven voice technologies with access across the globe. We own and operate an expansive voice network — which can mean lower costs for you.

Our voice network is designed to deliver high-quality service and never cut corners. We efficiently carry more than 13 billion minutes per month in voice traffic. And we do it all on a reliable, scalable network that can easily accommodate your needs, now and in the years ahead.

Level 3 Wholesale Voice. High quality, low cost.

How and Why It Works

Level 3 Wholesale Voice Services Details

  • Level 3 Local Inbound and VoIP Enhanced Local: Efficient and secure solutions for aggregated one- or two-way traffic, using Level 3 enabled telephone numbers over single or multiple IP endpoints.
  • Level 3 E-911 Direct: Cost-effective SIP alternative to expensive traditional LEC Selective Router interconnections for reliable 911 call delivery and termination.
  • Level 3 Tandem: Reduce network expense with this LEC tandem replacement solution homing your telephone numbers behind Level 3’s alternative tandem network.
  • Level 3® Carrier Cloud Voice Solution: Rapidly deliver feature-rich voice services – no capital expenditures required.
  • Level 3 International Local Inbound: Originate calls to Level 3. Numbers provided across Europe, Asia and Latin America.
  • Level 3 Voice Termination: Access interconnection and termination options delivered worldwide.
  • Level 3 Toll-Free: Integrate Level 3 Dedicated, Switched and IP services. 
  • Level 3 One Plus Switched: Provides handoff for facilities-based customers who aggregate terminating traffic.

Level 3 Wholesale Voice Services Benefits

  • Expand without the overhead. Get the latest voice offerings. Quickly enter new markets.
  • Remain competitive. Offer your customers a broad portfolio of services — all from one source.
  • Reduce voice expenses. Streamline with efficient network architectures, utilize outsourcing solutions and save with competitive rates.


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