Network Security

The Level 3 fiber optic network's availability, integrity and confidentiality are the backbone of e-business. Thanks to the latest technologies and the collaboration of Level 3's customers and employee-owners, our network security is world class. In the Information Age, protection of data is critical for success.

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Level 3 Network Security Philosophy

To better serve our customers, Level 3 Communications strives to ensure uninterrupted service and a high level of security on our high-bandwidth, all-IP network that is used to transmit data, voice and video. We protect our systems against natural, accidental and man-made service interruptions.

Level 3 is committed to helping our customers and fellow communications firms identify and solve potential network security problems. Level 3 has pledged to work with other ISPs on specific detection, prevention, and tracing options that can be deployed industry-wide.The Level 3 Network provides:

  • Resistant routing, to hold many network attacks at bay by configuration
  • Tracking systems to trace malicious acts, such as distributed denial of service attacks and unauthorized use of e-mail (spamming) to their sources at the edge of the Level 3 Network
  • Collaboration with industry-leading managed security service providers.

Level 3 recommends that all who depend on the Internet for business utilize high-quality security measures to protect their e-business enterprises.

Level 3 Security Team

Level 3 has an integrated security team: Global Security oversees network risk management, providing systems security for both the external (customer) and internal networks, as well as conducting investigations. Regional Security, with both international and local operations personnel in North America and Europe, implements security procedures and responds to customer requests. Level 3 is highly automated for efficiency, and employs highly skilled technical security experts to address concerns.

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