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Over 115,000 enterprise buildings are located within 500 feet of the Level 3 Network.


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Connect your enterprise locations – or to the Cloud – securely, reliably and effortlessly. Our switched, dedicated, metro, long-haul, point-to-point, or multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet solutions span over our global network  and across many types of services, which range from high-speed, optical dedicated services to low-speed switched IP services. By providing a broad range of capabilities, available across North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Middle East, we can provide you with an Ethernet network solution suited to your needs. And if you want to enable growth and improve efficiency, choosing a provider that delivers a simplified Ethernet solution is critical. Spend your time focusing on managing your applications — instead of your network.

Ethernet Solutions – How You Benefit

  • Choose from various switched or dedicated Ethernet service options 
  • Access a wide range of speeds with extensive bandwidth configurations
  • Optimize your network efficiencies and flexibility by combining  Layer 2 EVPL, VPLS services with Layer 3 MPLS/IP VPN or Internet services over a single access circuit
  • Leverage Ethernet dedicated transport solutions for low latency requirements
  • Benefit from a single provider with extended Ethernet reach for metro and global requirements

Ethernet Solutions – How It Works

  • Switched Ethernet transport delivered via a dedicated global MPLS core: 
    • Point-to-point or multipoint -to-multipoint connectivity for a secure, flexible, reliable network 
    • Flexible bandwidth  (Committed Data Rate) ranging from 1 Mbps up to 3Gbps 
    • Smart Demarcation, a standard inline Ethernet network interface device at all customer locations 
    • End-to-end connectivity fault management and remote testing 
    • Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS/IP VPN interworking that provides high-speed Ethernet services for large locations
    • MPLS/IP VPN services that interconnect smaller sites requiring low-speed access such as T-1/E-1 or DSL
    • WAN protocol support via Layer 2 service for any Layer 3 WAN protocol, such as IPv6, IPX, SNA and DEC net
    • E-NNI/hub port for wholesale providers that aggregate Ethernet services over a single interface
  • Dedicated Ethernet transport solutions:
    • Metro and Intercity solutions available
    • Ethernet Private Line 3Mbps to 1Gig E in the metro and 10Mbps-1GigE intercity delivered over our highly reliable SONET platform
    • Ethernet Wavelengths Gig E, 10Gig E and 100GigE speeds available delivered over DWDM 
    • Multiple configurations, including point-to-point and hub and end links
    • Private Dedicated Rings (PDRs)
    • Low  latency SLAs 
    • Diverse and custom routing options available

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