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Contact Centers

Your contact center is the front door to your enterprise. With each call, you can establish a new relationship, reinforce brand  loyalty and increase revenue. Or not. That’s why implementing a contact center solution that makes it easier to create a stellar experience is critical to your competitive edge. The solution you choose needs to help reduce total cost of ownership, give insight into each customer experience and enable you to scale as your business grows.

Level 3 Contact Center solutions are designed to help your contact center improve customer experience and satisfaction. Inbound calls to local phone numbers are handled with the same call control, routing and reporting as our Toll Free service. Cloud-based applications minimize CPE investment and support new feature adoption. End-to-end call detail records give you insight into customer experiences. Offering a flexible portfolio and simplified pricing model, Level 3 can help you drive bottom line results.

Contact Center Services – How You Benefit

  • Decrease your contact center TCO by leveraging leading network technologies and convergence.
  • Reach more customers and prospects dynamically with toll free or local numbers with call center outsourcing.
  • Improve customer service and customer satisfaction while your business gains efficiencies.
  • Understand the customer experience you create.  
  • Move to an OpEx business model and gain better cost performance with a unique pricing model, while still providing innovative service. Reach more customers and prospects dynamically with toll free or local numbers.

Contact Center Services – How It Works

  • Cloud-based IVR applications including speech enablement
  • Toll free or local number dialing, TDM or VoIP handoffs
  • End-to-end call recording and call detail records
  • Network queuing to connect callers to the right agent
  • Business continuity features enable automatic redirections on no-answer, and real-time control of routing plans

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