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The Level 3 Network connects more than 45 countries and more than 500 global markets
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Digital Entertainment

The way we communicate and recreate has fundamentally changed. Consumers are abandoning passive forms of entertainment and adopting a more active digital entertainment experience. They choose how, where and when they will be engaged. Content companies have incredible opportunities and new challenges to meet the demands of this newly mobile, highly connected world.

Level 3’s Digital Entertainment solutions combine our expertise to easily take your content From Creation to Consumption®, the scalability to grow with you, and the tools and services you need to enable, deliver and monetize quality content to customers all over the world whenever and wherever they demand it.


Why Team with Level 3?

  • Provide compelling content that an active consumer base requires.
  • Connect with the people you want to reach.
  • Reach the right people with the right content.
  • Deliver content over a network designed for security.
  • Monetize your customers effectively.
  • Prepare for what’s next in the ever-changing digital environment.

Why Choose Level 3?

  • Portfolio of content delivery services that takes your content from creation to consumption
  • High-performing, continuously upgradable CDN
  • One of the world’s largest core Internet backbones
  • Reliable performance for virtual, persistent, always-on social worlds
  • Expertise to understand your challenges and respond with relevant content delivery solutions


Gamers demand the highest-quality online performance. Their experience defines your success. With experts who have been in the industry since gaming went online, and one of the fastest and most connected global IP networks in existence, we can help you deliver the highest level of online gaming performance, reliable downloads and trailers, and save costs by reaching your worldwide audiences directly.

    Social Media

    With more ways to share photos, video, music and personal information, social media sites not only offer the world a way to be more connected than ever, they put greater and greater stress on your network. The Level 3 Content Delivery Network (CDN) and services can help you handle high-traffic surges, stream high-quality video, store large files and support your advanced applications.