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State Governments

Every day, state government leaders face the challenge of performing more efficiently, effectively and securely on a reduced budget. To be successful, you need to be able to support an increasingly mobile workforce, enable collaboration, optimize agency efficiency, and address security and compliance — all while decreasing costs.

As one of the pioneers of technologies like MPLS, VoIP, Metro Ethernet and IPv6, Level 3 has the expertise and experience to lead your agency into the next era of government technology. We know and understand your state government needs — from consolidating data centers and providing reliable infrastructure for cloud computing, to securing a private network and maintaining continuity of operations. With state budget cuts looming, pressure is on to be more efficient and economical than ever. Level 3 can help you do more with less by designing a scalable and state-of-the-art network solution that meets your needs for flexible service.  

Improve Collaboration through SIP-Enabled Unified Communications

A unified communications (UC) strategy is essential to the success of interdepartmental collaboration and productivity. Level 3 can enable the high-performance communications infrastructure necessary to support your UC initiative or platform. By converging your voice and data onto one network, the Level 3® SIP Trunking service helps to build a strong foundation for UC solutions, eliminate maintenance and infrastructure costs, and simplify telecommunication expense management.

Why Team with Level 3?

  • Mobility: Users can locate and connect with peers, no matter where they are.
  • Productivity: Quicker response time to phone calls and emails from peers, customers or vendors aids quicker decision-making and responses to interagency priorities.
  • Collaboration: Advanced services, such as video conferencing, VoIP, and wireless and mobility solutions, allow teams to easily stay connected, anywhere and anytime, without unnecessary travel and meeting expenses.
  • Flexibility: Various workspace and environment options allow users to multi-task, so they can stay on top of their everyday workloads and still attend meetings virtually.
  • Efficiency: A single access circuit from a single carrier reduces telecom expenses with bundled pricing, simplifies billing management and allows optimal use of bandwidth.

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