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U.K. Government

Efficient information and communications technology (ICT) has never been more critical to the U.K. public sector. Innovations such as the Public Services Network (PSN), cloud computing and unified communications all offer the promise of cost-savings and efficiency gains, and can play a part in delivering service improvements by helping you do more with less.

But implementing new technology is a challenging process that is not without risks. Choosing the wrong solution for your organisation may prevent you from reaping the full benefits or cause you to pay more than you expected.

That’s why you need a network provider like Level 3 on your side. Our team has over a decade of experience with optimising costs and improving efficiency across more than 100 departments and public sector organisations for the U.K. Government. We continue to innovate by playing a leading role in the delivery of the U.K. Government's ICT strategy. As an example, we proved the PSN Operating Model by enabling the first PSN end-to-end service with the Pathway Project, an important step to helping the Public Sector achieve the forecast £500m annual savings.

Our position on the MTCF, G-Cloud and PSN-Connectivity frameworks provide a procurement route for the U.K. Government and Public Sector for a wide range of innovative services, all built around our PSN-certified national network, such as next-generation voice, collaboration, encryption and security services.

In a world teeming with technology options, Level 3 is the partner of choice for achieving your organisation’s objectives. Contact us now to find out more — email or call 0800 496 1000.

Public Services Network

Our PSN services provide seamless, reliable connectivity. They include telephony, messaging, collaboration, hosting, data backup, networks and IT security. Make the full benefits of modern high-speed technology available to office-based, mobile and remote staff across all public sector organisations.