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North America: 1.877.2LEVEL3
Europe: +44 845 000 1000
Latin America: + 54 11 5170.1444
Asia Pacific: +852 3512 5838

Level 3 serves 9 of the top 10 U.S. cable MSOs.

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Business has no borders. Your network needs reliable international connections that span across oceans. Transoceanic connectivity is not equal to transoceanic diversity. Without diversity, your company can face serious consequences during undersea cable outages. The bottom line: Your overall service quality is only as good as the underlying diversity of your network.

We offer your business direct access to a robust, diverse transoceanic network. If you need to reliably extend your reach to North America, Asia or Europe, we can provide the connectivity you need. Our engineers are experts in collaborative design, implementation and operation of transoceanic services. With Level 3, you can achieve optimal reliability, flexibility and performance.

Connect with us at these landing stations:

  • Yellow: Bude, U.K. and Bellport, U.S.
  • AC1: White Sands, U.K. and Brookhaven, U.S.
  • Apollo North: Bude, U.K. and Shirley, U.S.
  • Apollo South: Lannion, France and Manasquan, U.S.
  • FLAG North: Skewjack, U.K. and Northport, U.S.
  • Hibernia: Southport, U.K. and Lynn MA, U.S.

Why Team with Level 3?

  • Eliminate single points of failure with highly resilient, fully diverse transoceanic connectivity.
  • Optimize service performance with high-speed, low latency services.
  • Scale and deploy larger amounts of bandwidth at one time.
  • Leverage high-quality solutions to meet your most demanding requirements.

Why Choose Level 3?

  • Diverse cable systems and landing stations provide superior diversity choices
  • Flexible speeds and feeds ranging from 2.5 Gbps, 10 Gbps, and 10 GigE LAN PHY
  • High-speed, dedicated, point-to-point, Private Line, Ethernet Private Line and unprotected Wavelength services
  • Expertise of a dedicated team of network architects
  • Fully integrated city-to-city solutions

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